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Greetings from the Director

YOKEN, also known as the Research Institute of Early Childhood Education, is one of the most specialized and long-established research institutes in Japan, with a 55-year history. It is dedicated to comprehensive, empirical, and interdisciplinary research dealing with early childhood education, especially from the viewpoints of both pedagogy and psychology.

The YOKEN staff consists of a director (concurrent position), three professors, an associate professor, and a research assistant. There are also four research fellows from within Hiroshima University, and two research fellows based outside the school. Involving undergraduate and postgraduate students, a large number of research endeavors is undertaken: for example, the expertise of nursery teachers, collaboration between kindergartens, preschools, and elementary schools, and childcare support.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you for your interest in YOKEN, the Research Institute of Early Childhood Education.

Research Insutitute of Early Childhood Education,
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences


日本学術会議 心理学・教育学委員会(乳幼児発達・保育分科会)からのご案内です。
この度、「子ども政策の総合化を考えるII」と題して、幼保小接続に関するシンポジウムを開催することとなりました。 詳細は、添付のフライヤーをご覧下さい。参加費無料、オンライン開催です。幼年教育研究施設も共催しています。 NEW
Dr.Valsiner’s seminar ended on a high note. Thank you for your participation.
The additional seminar of “Parent Training “ by Dr. Shimizu will be held on 1st, November.
Notice of Seminar : Jaan Valsiner, Ph.D, Aalborg University, Denmark
Title : BUILDING NEW QUALITATIVE METHODS: Why cultural psychology is ahead?
Venue : Conference room, School of Education/Zoom meeting (Holding a Hybrid)
Date and Time : Thu, 29 September, 2022
If you would like to attend the seminar please access via QR cord, then we will send URL for Zoom meeting.

Building New Qualitative Methods: Why Cultural Psychology Is Ahead?
A newspaper (The Chugoku Shimbun) reported on a training program for childcare workers as part of a joint research project with Higashi-Hiroshima City.
Associated Professor Shimizu held a seminar of “Parent Training”. Thanks for participating!
Professor Sugimura collaborated with Dr. Imai and others on a book concerning children who have math comprehension problems.
children who have math comprehension problems.
2022 Spring New Student Orientation:Let's work together to achieve our goals.
AY 2021 Spring Commencement Ceremony was held. We wish all the graduates the best of luck and success in their future endeavors!
A debriefing session was held on collaborative policy issue research with Higashi-Hiroshima-city; titled “Quality of child care” in FY2021.
Publication: "The YOKEN Journal" Vol.43
Welcome to YOKEN: 2021 Spring New Student Orientation
AY 2020 Spring Commencement Ceremony was held.
Publication: ”The YOKEN Journal” Vol. 42
SETSUBUN Festival at Hiroshima University Kindergarten
Public Seminar by Mitsuo SENDA: "Nurturing Space in Early Childhood Which leads Children to Have Skills to Overcome Difficulties" by Mitsuo SENDA
Publication: The YOKEN Journal” vol. 41
Public Seminar by Dr. Mitsuo SENDA, Architect
Students Spent “One Night Sleepover” With Children at Hiroshima University Kindergarten.
Announcement : ECE Seminar at Hiroshima University Kindergarten
Invitation Lecture by Sakiko HAYAKAWA: “Approach to Thesis Writing”
Joint Session with Seoul Theological University
Japan-China Graduate Studet Forum at Beijing Normal University

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